Day 11. Return to Fuerteventura

How to close/end this experience ? One of those that marks a before and after in your life. It has been one of those experiences that makes you reconsider your priorities, goals, that makes you rediscover yourself and that makes you value things that you didn’t before. One of those that teaches you that he who has the most is not more valuable/important than he who knows how to share it, because sharing is happiness.

I have no words to define these wonderful people that I have had the pleasure to meet on this trip. Women so different from each other and with so many common thoughts. Powerful and strong women; which was one of the objectives of this project. Women that know what they want and know how to fight for their interests without feeling intimidated at any moment, and that have also admirably confronted the adversities which have arisen. Respectful women and conscious of their value.

You don’t know how fortunate I feel to have been part of this project and to have known so many amazing girls, to have had the opportunity of sharing so many good moments, and so good ones. To have laughed until my stomach hurt and to have been moved so many times by the nobility of the protagonists from this story. A story which only the beginning has been written.

Today it was time to go home, to go back across the sea to meet with our beloved ones, but we return having had an incredible experience. We have taken part of an exchange in Senegal where we have left part of our heart, because we always a small part of ourselves in the places that we visit and in the people that we meet. One more journey that marks us and that I am sure that on the next occasion we will carry more illusions than fears and uncertainties in our cases.

Without more, a thousand thanks. Thankyou to each and every one of the protagonists for contributing the best of each and every one of you. Thanks to all the team behind this pilot project, specially to Momar and Carlos Gutiérrez for having put all of their best efforts into it. In less than a month we shall be able to have the opportunity to return the kindness, joy and magic to these Senegalese ladies that have treated us so well; we hope to fulfill the expectations.

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