Day 7. Visiting Fuerteventura

Sunday, november 5, 2017.

Today is 05 November 2017, a beautiful sunny Sunday.

We woke up to have breakfast. We went to the Piratas restaurant because the restaurant where we usually had breakfast was closed.

The activity of this Sunday is to go around the island of Fuerteventura. After breakfast, we took the bus. On the road, we could contemplate the beautiful landscape that offered to us. We have seen castles that in time were used to control the commercial boats … It was very interesting because it allows us to better know the history of the island.

Still in our discovery of this beautiful landscape, we saw small villages with small houses electrified and without water. One of our Spanish colleagues explained that these houses were very supportive because of the lack of water.

Then we went to Tralalejo where we found beautiful vegetation and lots of pets. It was really beautiful!

Then we went to Lalajito. We also found a nice vegetation in the park. Inside this park, there were also animals and a small market where we could find local and very original local products.

Then we went for a swim at the beach. The beach was beautiful.

Then we had lunch in this city in a restaurant where we ate a very good paella.

Then we went to Parada Morro Velosa to visit a mountain where there were two statutes of King and Queen Ayocer and Igicer.

Then we went to the beach in Los Molinos where we had to contemplate some pretty ducks.

After a nice day visiting the beautiful island of Fuerteventura we returned to the hotel. It was a beautiful day rich and very rich in discovery.

Coumba lamdou Gueye