Day 7. Such a great experience!

Today, we spend the most of our free day to go sightseeing and visit the African Art Museum and Gorée Island with our Senegalese mates. The museum has a big collection of African ritual masks and funerary objects from different ethnics. On the second floor, we were surprised with their exhibition of hand-made fabrics dyed and embroidered coming from different origins. We bought some of the books available in the shop for the visitors about African art and musical instruments. Later, on Gorée Island, we met some local artists who work with sand to create beautiful landscapes, who carve top-quality djembes and make colourful canvas with different techniques and patterns. The experience was very intense and gratifying; such kind of experience you cannot forget at all. Some of us left the place craving for more and thought about returning as soon as we have the chance. Such a great experience!

Leire Gómez.