Day 9. Second day of the Africagua forum

Tuesday, november 7, 2017.

First there is an interview of Mariama Ndiaye and Modou Carre on the Onda Fuerteventura plateau, following one of the photos taken with the president of the Cabildo and the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

On the other side of the room:

  • Alexander Huppertz coordinator of the RECP
  • Israa Cherquaoui, MASEN
  • Mouhamed Kharif, ONEE
  • Asmeron Gilau, Episilon Inc. Innovation Group
The girls had the opportunity to meet Mrs Yvonne Carr, President of the Yen Group in B2B and to talk about their respective projects.

From 13h to 14h

A 2 pm program continues with:

  • Anthony Ighodara, AREA of Nigeria
  • Florentino Mendes Prereira, Minister of Energy and Mines of Guinea Bissau
  • Rito Evora, Director of Energy Services, Cape Verde
Mohamed el Moctar Ould Mohamed and Sidi Mohamed Maad from Mauritania.

At 5.30 pm we ended up in the lobby, taking some pictures to immortalize these moments, and now heading to the Tamasite Hotel. 

Mme Cisse

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