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100 women to change west africa

Within the framework of AFRIMAC, the program "Mujeres empresarias y a la vanguardia de la tecnología" has allowed the creation of an exchange between 30 participants from Senegal and Fuerteventura to train, empower and promote the presence of women in the technological, economic and entrepreneurial sectors. This will allow women to actively participate in future decision-making in each of the participating regions.

Based on the positive results achieved, it was decided to launch a new project: "100 women to change West Africa". With this slogan, the project aims to create a new exchange between 100 participants from creative companies at the forefront of technology in the Canary Islands, as well as from several West African countries.

Many organizations from very diverse sectors have already expressed their interest. The project is underway and promises to deliver results in the near future. 

 The cooperation continues!

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