AFRIMAC – Project for the business exchange regarding high economic and environmental impact between the Canary Islands and Western Africa, whose main objective is the internationalization of enterprises in the cooperation space in areas of high added value acting in key sectors as water and renewable energies, created and led by the Island Council of Fuerteventura, has received a very good news from the European Union.

The President of the Island Council of Fuerteventura, Mr. Blas Acosta, has been notified that, of the 60 projects that the European Union is studying in this area, only 5 of them have been selected by the MAC Programme to participate in an exhibition on its content in Brussels before the European Commission.

The President of the Island Council express his gratitude to the technical team of the Island Council of Fuerteventura for all the effort they have made, and commits himself to keep fomenting the AFRIMAC Project with all certainty that it will represent a qualitative and economic advance for both Fuerteventura and its citizens. The President and the government team firmly bet on the strengthening of the knowledge of the existing business opportunities in the international arena in the Canary Islands’ supplementary emerging sector from the gender perspective, besides the strengthening of business networks that encourage parity between men and women, thereby increasing the competitive potential.

The technical team of the Island Council of Fuerteventura will present in Brussels the AFRIMAC Project on the 23rd Mars at the request of the European Commission.