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exchange between entrepreneurs

#AFRIMACWoman is an initiative of the Island Council of Fuerteventura, together with the Ministry of Posts and Communications for the Government of Senegal.

This initiative is framed within the “Project for business exchange in matters of high economic and environmental impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa – AFRIMAC”, presented by the Island Council of Fuerteventura. It has been selected at the “1st Call for the INTERREG V-A Madeira, Azores and Canaries (MAC) Operative Programme of Territorial Cooperation 2014-2020” as a main beneficiary of the financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The entire project has a total budget of EUR 529,408.53, with 85% financed by the ERDF.

The Madeira-Azores-Canaries (MAC) Operational Programme of Territorial Cooperation 2014-2020 is the main instrument available to the ultra peripheral regions of Spain and Portugal, in order to offer an effective response to the common challenges they face in matters of innovation, competitiveness, internationalisation and sustainable development.

The Cooperation Area is formed by Madeira, the Azores and Canaries, as well as three countries: Cabo Verde, Senegal and Mauritania that, due to their geographical proximity, have been invited and have agreed to participate in the Programme, allowing them to expand the natural area of socio-economic and cultural influence.

The specific objectives of the initiative within AFRIMAC are:

  • To improve the human capital and encourage entrepreneurship.
  • To strengthen the presence of women in business and technological fields.

#AFRIMACWoman has several well-differentiated strategic lines:

  • To improve the competitiveness of female entrepreneurs. Training will be focused around the following points:
    • Supporting entrepreneurship through digital strategies.
    • Improving ICT qualifications. Through training on technological innovation, digital marketing and on-line tools.
    • Social support in empowerment, leadership, social innovation and personal development.
    • Improving languages.
  • To improve the territorial cooperation and the internationalisation.
  • To create a cultural exchange that lasts for years.

This initiative is an essential part of the AFRIMAC project, which, in turn, generates other benefits that indirectly affect the participants forming #AFRIMACWoman, allowing them to add more value to the final purpose, if possible.

This part of the initiative is mainly based on a training exchange between entrepreneurial women from Senegal and Fuerteventura, during almost two weeks, with the aim of encouraging the presence of women in technological, economic and entrepreneurial activities, and thus promoting a more effective participation of women in future decision-making processes.

One of the actions to be developed by the participants is the creation of a diary of experiences that allows them to make their own initiative known and to describe, first hand, the experiences that the participants experience in the field.


Below we show each of the days of the exchange lived in Dakar from September 18 to 29, 2017 described by the participants of Fuerteventura:


Below we show each of the days of the exchange lived in Fuerteventura from Monday October 30 until Friday September 10, 2017 described by the participants of Senegal:

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