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NOVember 15, 2021


The president Sergio Lloret López and the first vice president and Minister of Economy Lola García  INVOLVED IN THE DAY DEDICATED TO AFRICA.

The president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Sergio Lloret López, and the first vice president and Minister of Economy, Lola García, participated last Friday in the last day of the international forum for the empowerment and entrepreneurship of women ‘Woman Impact Summit’. In this second edition of the project led by the Strategic Projects department of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura through the AFRIMAC 2 project, around a hundred women entrepreneurs from all over the world have shared their experiences in this virtual forum that began on November 4 and closes today the 12th. Its high acceptance is reflected in the participation record of nearly 3,000 people registered from all continents.

Sergio Lloret opened the last day of this international forum with greetings to all the participants and his gratitude for the high participation in this event “with which we want to ensure that we give visibility and access to women of all diverse origins in the world, making it free and accessible from anywhere ". Accompanied by the general director of Casa Africa, José Segura Clavell, the president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura referred to the business, technological, entrepreneurial and innovative exchange relations that the Majorera island maintains with the African continent, to which the presentations were dedicated on Friday , panels and talks broadcast through the B2Bs platform.

The island president highlighted the advantages that the Canary Islands have to serve as a service platform for international companies in their operations with Africa by setting up a practical and competitive logistics base, with legal and financial guarantees and tax advantages. In this sense, he stressed that today there are around 200 Canarian companies installed in Africa and proof of the importance of commercial relations between the Canary Islands and the neighboring continent is the development of the AFRIMAC 2 program.

During his speech, the president of the Cabildo also referred to the need to continue making progress in improving the working conditions of African women with equal rights and in improving wages, job security and opportunities for advancement.

For her part, the first vice president and counselor for the Presidency, Planning, Finance, Economic Promotion and Employment, Lola García, participated in the panel entitled ‘Importance of Europe-Africa territorial cooperation’. García highlighted the importance of international cooperation and all the actions that are developed from Fuerteventura to meet these objectives, with a strategic location between Africa, Europe and America. He also highlighted the role of AFRIMAC 2, the main instrument available to the outermost regions of Spain and Portugal to cooperate with each other and with the countries in their geographical surroundings.

Lola García emphasized the success of the Woman Impact Summit, stating that “we must not forget that we have advanced as a society in the field of equality, but unfortunately we are still halfway there. Inequality is still visible in all labor and economic sectors. We continue without breaking the glass ceiling and the gender gap both in terms of executive positions and entrepreneurship ”.

This summit on the impact on women was organized by the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Proexca, Gobierno de Canarias, Casa África, and the Heroikka association, and was co-financed by AFRIMAC2, and the European INTERREG and MAC 2014-2020 programs for Madeira-Azores-Canary Islands territorial cooperation.

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