This Wednesday, October 28, 2020, the third radio program of "Mujer Emprende" was launched, an initiative aimed at women entrepreneurs, in order to promote the participation of women in the economy and entrepreneurship.

On this occasion, the space broadcast on Radio ECCA was led by Ms. Almudena Estévez, Deputy Minister of Economy and Internationalization of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ms. Lola R. de Azero, Entrepreneur of "Senda Ecoway" and Ms. Maria Dolores Rodriguez, expert in economics and internationalization.

If you want to know what was discussed in this episode of "Mujer Emprende", visit the website and listen to the full program!

The next program of "Mujer Emprende" will take place on Wednesday, November 25th, in the meantime, go for the entrepreneurship!