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March 3, 2022

On February 28, the working meeting between AFRIMAC, IMAAC and COLD took place.

On March 1 and 2, the committee of the IMAAC Hybrid Group Meeting in GP5 (especially for WG6) meets in Fuerteventura with emphasis on start-up activities and a series of talks on Society, Health and Economy (SHE).

This Working Group Meeting especially for WG6 is focusing mainly on the coordination of results between WGs and their communication during GP5 and after the end of the Action. The future events in March 2022 will be discussed and organized. The coordination of the different Units in IMAAC will be discussed and communicated to ALL members. The implementation of the results on the Website will be also discussed with members of WGs. Efficient dissemination of research results of IMAAC during GP5 and after the termination of the Action will be discussed. We expect that some companies/parties presented their ideas and work until now. It is also planned to invite speakers to give talks in the framework of the Society, Health and Economy (SHE) talk series, which started May 2021. These talks will help the dissemination plan of our Action.

Results in developing "new mathematical models" adjusted to outcomes from WGs are expected. Some scientific publications will be initiated through this meeting and coordinated among WGs. A report of this gathering will be published on the IMAAC-website. We also expect through this meeting also better coordination and organization of research and networking after the end of the Action.

A report of this gathering will be published on the IMAAC-website. Publications are expected.

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