Day 11. Programming and robotics

Thursday, november 9, 2017

At 09h00 we are well settled at Aula 3 technology park last day for training with Martha. The course of the day will be on coding and robotics.

At 12 o’clock we will start the closing ceremony under the chairmanship of Mr Rafael Páez, together with Mr Carlos Gutierrez, Mr Eduardo Pereira Gonzalez, Mr Momar Dieng Diop, Mr Modou Carre and Mr Seydou Tamba. They proceed first by the graduation of the participants, then there were exchanges of thanks for the reception and the smooth running of the training, power banks were offered to us and we finish with beauty by photo shoots to immortalize those moments. This concludes the first training session for women’s digital entrepreneurship in Fuerteventura.

Amina Maiga