In global Alliance for WEST AFRICA DEVELOPMENT


AFRIMAC 2 is a program for business, technological, entrepreneurial and innovative exchange in matters of high economic impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa.

The main objective of AFRIMAC 2 is to improve the internationalization of companies in the cooperation area through the creation of networks and the generation of a knowledge environment with a gender approach.

Specific bjetives of afrimac

  • To capitalize on the tools for the promotion of the knowledge of the existing business opportunities in the international field in the complementary emerging sectors of the Canary Islands from the gender perspective, influencing the improvement of the productive potential of women.
  • To strengthen the business networks created and to encourage the creation of new joint business initiatives by promoting equal participation of women and men.
  • To increase the competitive potential and entrepreneurship in the cooperation space with a gender approach.

These objectives are included in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

latest news


AFRIMAC and Radio Ecca are launching this Wednesday, May 27, 2020, the first radio program of the "Mujer Emprende" project. This program is aimed at women entrepreneurs, in order to promote the participation of women in the economy... 

AFRIMAC Launches Its New Website “Letsgo.Afrimac.Org”

From AFRIMAC we wanted to do our bit to alleviate the problems that took place because of the COVID-19, which is why we have launched the website Here you will find our actions related to the current and unusual situation we...

AFRIMAC Organizes An International Event For Women Entrepreneurs

AFRIMAC is working on the implementation of an international event planned for November 2020 with the collaboration of women from Africa, Europe and America. This event will bring together entrepreneurs from around the world to join forces in...


We present you the AFRIMAC magazine, “Territorial Cooperation and International Development with Africa”. In it, you will be able to know the main activities in which AFRIMAC has participated during these last years, as well as the projects in which it is embarked and some of its allies in this purpose of bringing Africa and the Canary Islands closer together. Click on the image to download it!