Day 8. Day of digital entrepreneurship

Self-cares: that’s the word that would definitely describe today’s day. Goree Island got us really tired, both emotionally and physically speaking. Due to certain unexpected circumstances that led us to head to the hotel at midnight (Justin Bieber would had never witnessed such a queue at a concert), we had to adjust the classes schedule in order to get a proper rest.

The experience of going sightseeing there and walking around the area was incredible, but yet not the most indicated moment to do it. Our Senegalese mates had told us a few times that neither the date nor the time in which the organization had programmed the excursion were the most appropriate as there were two sport competitions taking place on the island and it was also the last day of summer holidays here in Dakar. It was so crowded you couldn’t find a spot where to lie and proof of it was the two-hour queue waiting at the port to get back to the city.

On the one hand, we got exhausted cause of being that much standing outdoors under a burning sun. On the other, we were a bit anxious for not having enough time to discover the rest of the island, to feel it and get more involved with local people. Moreover, we did not feel really comfortable with the fact that we had to make a strong effort to get on the boat and passed in front of many others that were there before us.

After seeing this scenario, most of the Spanish and Senegalese girls suggested we postpone the classes for one hour, but in the end concluded to restart them after lunch, as most of them still had a long way back to their homes. This time we could finally invest it reenergising and meeting other personal tasks related to studies or work.

Regarding the training today hasn’t been that severe. Karoline (the teacher) has emphasized with all of us. The topic we argued about this last session was digital entrepreneurship. We worked on the definition of this new concept and named a wide range of digital tools that would help us organising a better planning of our daily agendas for future projects. After finishing this module, we decided to retake the part of leadership and personal development, where the Spanish girls kept on introducing themselves and their work experience. It is remarkable to mention the motivational speech that Karoline gave us to: if you want something, do it for yourself. Trust in yourself because you have the strength to do whatever you want.

After the study day we returned to the hotel, where after going to the supermarket for some friends to buy their dinner we closed the cycle of self-care with a group dinner in room 253.

Idaira Martín.

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