The AFRIMAC 2 Initiative (for business, technological, entrepreneurial and innovative exchange in matters of high economic impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa) has ended its actions on December 31, 2023 based on its programming.

platform for cooperation

AFRIMAC is a territorial cooperation project which unites people and organisations from various countries with different languages and cultures to create and develop initiatives through constant communication.

Based on this initiative, the AFRIMAC platform for cooperation was established: A complete set of social collaboration, communication and management tools for international work teams, which will be used to perform joint and collaborative management, unifying comprehensive task and Project management through an Intranet – extranet.

Work Groups

The creation of work groups in the different countries that will interact with other groups in different languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish) calls for the creation of a series of tools which reflect the goals and work method of the AFRIMAC project work.

The main objectives of the AFRIMAC platform are to set goals, establish work groups, assign roles, organise projects and encourage people to communicate in and out of the work teams.

Communication with citizens

Citizens are able to meet up, debate, prioritise, plan and carry out successful projects. Uniting civil society, governments and international organisations is the foundation of communication to give citizens a voice.

We need tools that help us to overcome apathy and really bring about change in communities. The AFRIMAC platform has developed a whole series of tools that facilitate real time communication with citizens. From the most popular social networks, connection to web pages, contact forms and the sending of proposals, to a centre to record and process all the initiatives sent via these.

The use of ideas and solutions thought up by citizens increases the satisfaction of the population, civic awareness and the understanding of the projects and planning. Good participative projects consist of a collaboration between the interested parties which benefits them all. How can this be implemented? In áreas where Internet access is poor, but where mobile phones and social networks are experiencing a boom.

In all the projects, the participants must know the reactions, which is part of the collaboration.

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