The AFRIMAC 2 Initiative (for business, technological, entrepreneurial and innovative exchange in matters of high economic impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa) has ended its actions on December 31, 2023 based on its programming.

the afrimac 2 platform aims to work throug the following strategy and external vision:

  1. To participate and collaborate with international organizations, particularly those belonging to the European Union and the United States, in the development of its programs in the geographical area of West Africa.
  2. To help international institutions in the collection of data from the countries of the region.
  3. To assist the countries of the region in the development and implementation of projects that allow a sustainable development of their community.
  4. To participate in international institutions as a reference for the development of the region, as well as to participate in the organization of global strategies for the countries of the region.
  5. To promote the creation of cooperation networks together with the preparation of joint projects that make possible the agreement between different types of funds and financial resources in these countries.


  • Try to implement all the initiatives, meetings, development of ideas, partnership approaches and strategies.
  • Attempt to introduce and transform the island of Fuerteventura into a world reference centre thanks to the international development strategy of the countries of the West African coast.
  • Seek to obtain agreements with international institutions, public or private, to participate in development programs in West Africa.
  • Aim to support the development of national programmes and strategies to promote education in the context of country-led national poverty reduction strategies and strengthen educational research institutions in order to increase capacity to fully support education.
  • Try to create opportunities in terms of infrastructure, access to, transfer and application of technology through integrated initiatives for Africa.
  • Aim to create an enabling environment that attracts investment, accelerates the implementation of existing and new programmes and projects to link key institutions, and stimulates the adoption of information and communication technologies in public administration and trade promotion programmes, as well as in other aspects of economic and social life.
  • Seek to support the implementation of the project, the Alliance and other established regional and subregional initiatives, including through funding, technical and institutional cooperation and the rebuilding of human and institutional capacities at the regional, subregional and national levels, in accordance with national policies, strategic programmes and strategies adopted and promoted by countries to reduce poverty and ensure sustainable development, such as Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, where applicable.


Try to establish relationships through meetings with the main international players in the development of major projects with significant economic resources for this purpose and initial procedures and agreements of interest so that Fuerteventura can participate in all activities.


The programme aims to bring together the countries of the West African region, especially those located in the regional environment of the Canary Islands, as a point of encounter, agreement and understanding in the search for common solutions and strategies for their general problems, and to increase the social impact of the projects and contribute to some important economic savings in investment for development, through the creation of a platform that contributes to the coordination of interests between the supporting institutions (UN, USAID, SIDA) and the requests of the countries benefiting from the projects.

Our value

The geographical location between West Africa, America and Europe positions us as a strategic point and a common platform for carrying out actions of general interest in the region. Developments in recent decades in such important sectors as water, renewable energies, poverty, health, education and agriculture. This makes us stand up for the knowledge we want to pass on and help other countries achieve their goals.

HOW DOES the platform WORK?


An African Institution, Government or Company has a specific need to develop Technologies, Infrastructures, Networks, Products or Services, Processes or capabilities, etc.


Review, evaluate and approve the projects and find appropriate partners or companies within the network to process their needs.


West Africa Parties solve their needs effortless and in an efficient way by partners in the network. AFRIMAC 2 will provide support until completion of the project.

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